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"You don’t have to find out you are dying to start living" ~ Zach Sobiech

This video is heart wrenching. How do you “actually” live thinking everyday is going to be your last. I mean its sounds good to say you should live life as if it were your last but being realistic, it takes a mighty strong will to accept that. A similar story of someone I know brought some old memories back. It would have been amazing to have captured the last moments of his life similar to Zach’s.

Zach’s song Clouds is beautiful too :)

Start Living.

Solving the ‘Keen-Wah’ mystery

Had never really tasted Quinoa before. Sort of seen it on the shelves in the health food section and also read it on health magazines but thats about it. It was never really “attractive”. And HOW THE HELL DO YOU PRONOUNCE IT !! Hence never an urge to eat. But since seeing it in the list of recommended grains (although I read its not technically a grain) in my diet plan, I have become curious - starting with how it is pronounced. Well its not “Kween-no-aah” or “Kween-wah” or “kw@^%9)0n-ah”. Its “Keen-Wah”. Mystery 1 - solved.

Photo: Jenn Khoury

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alittle ALOT is on the roll!

We’ve got sponsors, support from local media & some awesome print designs!

When I put together the different logistics that need to be in place for the fundraiser event, I immediately knew that it was going to be pretty pricey if it all came from personal expenses. Hence I began my hunt for sponsors. It has taken more than 2 months to get together 5 sponsors. But boy, am I not glad to have them! I will be updating details on them on the campaign website soon. I am so grateful to my aunt for introducing me to all of them - she has been like my personal PR lady. She is a champion!

And I must say the local Nepalese media in Sydney have been pretty helpful too. I have been promised free prints on 3 leading Nepali magazines and support online from 2 other media as well. The design is ready and I am just an email away from sending it off to print. 

Here is a sneak peek on the design:

You should see the final print on the +977 Magazine, The Nepali Times Australia, Nepali Patra and Nepali Vision. You can probably sense that I am Oh - So excited!!

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Basa fillet with mango chilli dressed salad


So, since I signed up with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to get my food habits & exercise regime under some sort of “discipline”, I have been picky about what I eat. I realised that my enthusiasm in cooking was very much related to “rich” food - mostly all spicy, creamy & cheesy. So making a switch has been difficult but I am getting there. And as usual I am learning easy recipes that suits my time-poor lifestyle, my spicy asian palette and now my new health routine. 

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The Venue for ‘Girl Rising’


alittle ALOT campaign has launched!

A couple of months back, when I talked to my husband about screening Girl Rising for a fundraiser, it was really just the 2 of us. I was all skeptical about whether there will be others supporting it. But since we “officially” launched the campaign via facebook, the little messages I am getting are very encouraging. Anyways, I wanted to write about how I am organising things.

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